Thursday, April 11, 2013

Most Miles Driven in a Day for an ActiveE

Today, BMW opened up the Electronaut Effect website for participants in the ActiveE Electronaut program to see statistics about their participation in the program. As explained at last week's Project Green Onramp Technology forum held at the BMW Technology Group last week. BMW collects data about the cars every time the car is started via SMS messages. For people who register on the website and opt in to sharing their data, they are allowed to see their rank with others who have also opted in. At least so far, the trip that was detailed in this blog holds the record for a BMW ActiveE's most miles driven in a day. It definitely did not beat the number of miles I have put on a car in a day (My record was a solo run in my X5 4.4i from Albuquerque to Simi Valley in a day which included a non-stop run from Williams Arizona to the finish line), but this was definitely the most memorable)

The 210 mile day was from April 6th, 2013 for the 1 year anniversary meetups where I started in Aptos, drove down to Monterey to do 5 hours of volunteering at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, back up to Salinas and down through King City and Atascadero to get to Morro Bay. Seven more sets of ActiveE Electronauts from northern and southern California also caught the EV road trip bug and did the trip as well.

Current #1 rating on the Electronaut Effect website 

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