Friday, September 14, 2012

Aptos to King City

So far, so good, but running a little behind schedule. The car was fully charged when I took off from Aptos at 12:01 AM, but some construction and slower speed limits had me into King City about 15 minutes later than expected. The Charger at Hartnell College in King City was up and operational as expected. However the car is stating it will take 4 hours to charge. I will take a nap and see how it goes. Mileage is 3.4 miles per kWh, outside temperature is 56 degrees F and the batteries when I parked were 71 degrees F.
Besides that, I did receive an email from ChargePoint when my charge completed at the Community Foundation in Santa Cruz, however my ChargePoint app seems to have uninstalled itself from my phone, so I am setting the app back up.

Besides the battery running down faster and charging slower than expected, the other two issues are there is no internal power source while charging, so I am running my laptop on its battery power, also, looks like there is no bathroom around here at 1:30 AM. But the area is quiet, so I should be able to sleep well.

Anyway, there was a good article about the trip in the Santa Cruz Sentinel tonight here

Night all

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  1. Livin' the dream! Looking forward to the next updates!:)