Monday, September 10, 2012

Final Schedule for Driving an Electric Car from Santa Cruz to L.A.

Today I got word from Sharon Sarris from the Monterey Bay Electric Vehicle Alliance that the charger in King City is installed and provisioned and ready for use! Thanks to everyone involved and Hartnell College for getting the charger online!!

So my route is now committed. Aptos to King City to Atascadero to Solvang to Thousand Oaks to L.A. The only bad news is the optimistic charging rate estimate of 7.7 kWh was probably too high as commercial high voltage power is delivered at a lower rate 208V than residential 240V and others in the ActiveE community think the performance is closer to 6.2 kWh when charging commercially. So I knocked my charge rate down and now I am closer to a 20 hour driver again with 5.7 hours of driving and 14.2 hours of charging, but still under a day and my total charging cost?  $5 in Solvang.

Here is how the spreadsheet came out.

On a time schedule, it loosely comes out to this:

There we have it. I will be posting updates from each charging point starting Thursday night here on this blog, on the ActiveE Facebook group and on Twitter at @JournEV

Wish me luck.

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